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Container pedestal system – container accessories

podstavna kostka

The container pedestal system is a solution developed primarily for leveling containers equipped with ISO corner blocks.


Technical data:

The container pedestal system is protected by a patent and a utility design.

The design of the container pedestal system meets requirements specified by the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 2006/42/ES in a word of the Czech Technical Regulations – the Regulation of the Government n. 176/2008 Sb.  as amended, and meets requirements of the harmonized Czech Technical Standards ČSN EN ISO 12100.

Standard color of the pedestals:

Other standardly used colors of the Brano products:

The product can be supplied in any color on the basis of customer order.

The adjustable container pedestal (CM-CCR 150) and the fixing container pedestal (CM-CCF 100)
The fixing pedestal is only intended for supporting the adjustable pedestal if it is necessary to underlay the container up to a height higher than the range of the adjustable pedestal (250mm)

TypeBearing capacity (t)main dimensions (mm)dead-weight
CM-CCR 150/x61502501322002002527623017,2
CM-CCF 100/x610010620020025278,6
operating temperature range
-30°C až +55°C

Note: x – color design of the base system

Connecting screw (CM-VR)
The connecting screw is designed for the connection of the container pedestals in the case the containers are placed side by side. It ensures constant distances between containers.

TypBearing capacity (t)main dimensions (mm)dead-weight
CM-VR 100/x10014024370,6
CM-VR 390/x39043024371,6
operating temperature range

-30°C až +55°C

Note: x – color design of the base system

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