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Chain block Z100/15t – 20t

Řetězový kladkostroj Brano Z100/15t - 20t

Z100 – lifting capacity 15t a 20t



Differs from lower loading capacities in that it is composed of two pulley blocks.
The Z100/15t – 20t is manufactured with a basic lift height of 5m.
Greater lift heights must be given in the order.

 Type  Lifting capacity
Number of falls
Load chain
Hand chain
Lifting force on one of
the chain blocks

Lifting speed *
Main dimensionWeight without
the chain
 Weight increase
per 1m of lift



 Z100 15 4 Ø11×31 Ø4×20 480 0,35101000 71 50 980 220 13
 20 6 400 0,25101150 80 62 1100 250 19,2
* Calculated on presumption of winding off 30m of the hand chain per minute

Řetězový kladkostroj Z100/15t - 20t

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