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Z500 A, B, C, D, E, F Bricklayer’s pulley

Zednická kladka Brano Z500 A, B, C, D, E, F

6 versions for various types of suspension

Serves as portable tool for installation and bricklaying work when lifting and towing loads by manual force by pulling on a hemp or polyamide cable.


The Z 500L rope with a hook is used with pulleys of all versions. It is not part of the delivery and must be ordered individually.

Z500L rope has a Ø 11mm, basic rope length is 20 m. Alternatively, you can use other polyamide or hemp rope up to Ø 16mm.

adDe minhLWeight of pulley
A – with hook, without cover5006130125202401,6
B – with hook, without cover61281252331,7
C – with hook, with cover6130125201652401,8
D – with hook, with cover61281251652331,9
E – with chain, without cover 611252,3
F – with hook, without cover6130125202561,7


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