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Instructions for selecting a suitable BRANO door closer

I. Basic information:

1. Your doors may swing to the left or right hand. How can you tell?

2. All BRANO door closers can be used for both versions. The installation instructions describe simple manipulation for installation on left and right hand swinging doors. The instructions are attached to every door closer.

3. If you have insufficient space in the direction the door opens, the closer can also be installed “upside down”. All the door closer’s functions are maintained (Comment: does not apply for R12 and R12A types)

4. When installing the closer onto exterior doors we recommend that if possible the door closer is installed on the inside of the door. This protects the closer from the weather, temperature changes, theft, …

II. Selection of a suitable type of closer:

1. The type of door closer is determined according to the appearance of the closer, the appearance of the doors, the colour of the doors and the options for attaching the closer.

2. We recommend the individual types according to the following table:

Closer typeDoor typeComment
R12, R12AClassic, historical, warehouse and industrial doors, older types of elevator doorsEasier to open in the initial phase (small children, elderly people)
K204, K214Classic and office doors and doors into office buildingsEasier to open in the initial phase (small children, elderly people)
D80V, BxxModern doors, plastic doors, modern types of elevator doors, modern buildingsSupplementary function: so-called pram phase (the door closer has a delay function so as to enable slower persons to pass through (people in wheelchairs, prams,..)

III. Selection of the correct size of door closer

1. If you know the weight of the door select the closer according to the following table.

2. If you do not know the weight of the door you can estimate it according to the door width. Again use the following table. The values apply for classic doors (wooden doors with single panes of glass, not fire doors). In this case we recommend that you use door closers for weights one level higher.

Size according to EN 1154Door weight (kg)Door width (cm)Size according to EN 1154Door weight (kg)Door width (cm)TypeDoor weight (kg)Door width (cm)
1Do 2570340-65100B8725-4585
K204, K214, R12, R12AD80V7-89